Thoughts on 2010 and being independent

It’s been a while since I last posted here. Unfortunately I was too busy working on my (and mostly my clients) projects. With the new year, I will briefly touch on issues this year as an independent flex developer.

The last year has seen a lot going on in the business of flash and game development. Speaking for myself, being a Flex consultant with emphasis on games, I’ve seen this sector gaining momentum as demand started to picked up since late 2009  – specifically here in Toronto. With more opportunities available locally, the environment for a freelance and consulting business is currently healthier. New platforms like mobile (Android) and social (Facebook, Twitter) became prominent this year for Flash and Flex developers as they account for the increase in investment capital for new projects.

Here is a list of things I expect to talk about this year in this blog:

  • Developing for Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and 3.0 (Honeycomb)
  • Flash games for tablet devices
  • Flash with Google maps and Facebook APIs
  • Programmatic animation and effects
  • Using Flex 4.5 (Hero)
  • Using the new 3D API in Flash

As a final note, here are some of the best articles for this year-end by flash developers on being a freelance developer.

Jesse Freeman – If You Can Make it Here

In this 3 part series  Jesse Freeman  is a detailed account of his ventures in New York City including lots of figures. This three part article is a bit long, but it makes a fascinating read for anyone interested in becoming an independent developer.

If you are short on time, skip to part 3 – where you get a glimpse at the obstacles he had to face, including living in a tiny apartment and dealing with clients that refuse to pay.

Jesse Warden –  State of the Flash & Flex Market for 2010

Jesse warden gives his annual state of the union address and discusses trends in the industry with business perspective.  As always, the comments are just as interesting as the post itself.

Ben Stucki – 2010 Year End Review

In this post the author reveals the revenue numbers of his company, with breakdown of rates, expenses, taxes etc. It’s rare for anyone to expose this kind of data, which makes an interesting read.

That’s it for now. Happy new year for everyone!