Tile Shaker is now Free

A year ago I made a mobile picture puzzle game with AIR, written entirely in AS3 . Back then I experimented with AIR, and wanted to see how viable it is for mobile games. The... Read more

Sprite Sheet Animation Viewer

A while ago I wrote a simple tool to preview character animation from a sprite-sheet. This was mainly intended for use by artists and animators. I used my AminSprite class to actually play the animation,... Read more

Tip: Rate My App – AIR style

Working on a mobile game or app with AIR mobile, one of the common tasks is putting a rate alert box – some sort of rating request that prompts the user to leave a review... Read more

Catching up with AIR Mobile

Been so busy lately that I didn’t post anything in the last 3 months. Well, usually more work for me means less posts. Hopefully this one fills in the gap. I’ve been developing mobile apps... Read more