AnimSprite for Starling: a better MovieClip alternative

About a year ago I posted here about character animation with sprite sheets, including sample code that included the AnimSprite class. Lately all of my projects are using Starling. As a new framework, I half expected Starling to drop legacy classes that are not useful anymore – but for some reason they carried over MovieClip with its antiquated interface. To be sure, […]

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Tip: How to Take a Screenshot in Starling

Developers that are used to Flash take it for granted that bitmaps can be accessed since a Bitmap display objects has a bitmapData readily available. In Starling, however, that is not the case. Starling images are using textures to hold the pixel data, and Stage3D textures live exclusively in the GPU memory (or Video RAM) […]

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Practical use of Starling + ANE in a mobile game Project

I Recently completed and deployed Magic Slots, a mobile game for iOS and Android platforms. Following is  a mini post-mortem  of this mobile project that was made with AIR using Starling and ANE. While having plenty of mileage with AIR, I had very little prior experience with Starling.  I did experiment with starling for a while, but […]

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Tile Shaker is now Free

A year ago I made a mobile picture puzzle game with AIR, written entirely in AS3 . Back then I experimented with AIR, and wanted to see how viable it is for mobile games. The App is now available for free for Android and iPhone/iPad. Get it Now.  

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