FATC Delivers

This post will be short , since I just came back from New York City, where I attended the Flash and the city conference.

Besides from being a lot of fun, this was a valuable opportunity to hear about new trends in the flash community and  get in touch with fellow developers. Also, the venue in lower Manhattan was great and strategically located, and so helped to ‘capture the NY vibe and energy’, as the intended goal was described.

Unlike other conferences like 360|Flex or FITC, this was a smaller event and I had the chance to get up close and personal with some of the world leading flash developers. It really felt different – more of a  ‘for developers, by developers’ (and designers as well) event.
It had the right mix of people attending from different sectors, including  media and advertising,  enterprise/financial, and games.

Covering subjects from design,creative, flex/flash, mobile, open source projects like Hype, Reflex and robotlegs –  I found most sessions to be relevant, on the spot, with lots of fresh and different ideas.

The event has been relentlessly hyped by the organizers as community driven and at first I was a bit skeptic about it, but hey, they actually delivered as promised – so congrats to Elad Elrom, Jesse Freeman and the rest of the FATC team for a job well done.

for anyone that considers themselves a serious flash/flex developer, I would recommend signing up for next year’s FATC.

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