Closing 2014: ANE’s and beyond

No, this is not a post to recap the year.

Being a professional developer, I tend to measure technologies by their usefulness.

For cross-platform app development this year, I mostly used Adobe AIR and Air Native extensions (ANEs) with moderate success. For almost  every problem there is an ANE. The fact is that ANEs are now plentiful and easy to find, with repositories like ASGameGears and Distriqt it’s more a problem to decide which one to use than to find one.

One of the new ones is an image and video capture ANE from DiaDraw called Camera Driver. It lets you grab frames from the either the front or back camera into a bitmap data, and control a wide a array of settings like focus orientation and frame rate.


DiaDraw are offering our readers 20% off the Native Camera Driver ANE until the end of 2014. To get it, apply the coupon code flexwizrocks at check-out.

Let’s hope the offering of ANEs keeps improving in quality and selection in the next year as well.