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No Postcards: Away3D rants

Been busy lately working on a card game. The display relies heavily on postcards-in-space 2.5D effect, so early on I had to make a choice of what libraries to use. Starling is my go-to framework, but it did not have any 3D display classes (only a few weeks ago 1.6 was released with a some 3D […]

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Closing 2014: ANE’s and beyond

No, this is not a post to recap the year. Being a professional developer, I tend to measure technologies by their usefulness. For cross-platform app development this year, I mostly used Adobe AIR and Air Native extensions (ANEs) with moderate success. For almost  every problem there is an ANE. The fact is that ANEs are […]

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Sharing Textures between Starling and Away3D

In a previous post Recipe for a Mixed App with Starling and Away3D I discussed how to get started with creating a mixed app with both 2D and 3D layers. Here I will talk about how manage and share resources in the mixed app. Sharing Resources and Textures So now we have code that places display object […]

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Recipe for a Mixed App with Starling and Away3D

In my first attempt to add 3D to my Starling app I struggled with many problems that seemed trivial. I used Starling for a few good years and consider it one of the most powerful 2D frameworks in the industry. Coupled with the Feathers UI library its a winning stack, and it has a vibrant community […]

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